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Straw shredding line for production briquettes from straw

Specification DOZAGRO electric straw shredder line:

Straw shredder TOMAHAWK 505M made by Teagle Machinery Ltd.
Inside is a screen with 21mm holes size. Drum diameter 1,83m
. Longer drum 0,6 m. Weight: 737 kg.

Strawmill suction-pressure with electric motor 30 or 37 kW with electric box (5 m cables) and ammeter.
Inside one screen with 8, 10 or 12mm holes size. Round inlet diameter 300/430 mm. Output diameter 200 mm. 60 radial blades. 14 front knives.
High 2 m. Weight 690 or 730 kg. Efficient 900-1500 kg/h.

Electric Drive for TOMAHAWK 505M made by Dozagro. Specification:
electric motor 30 kW
, 37 or 45 kW, drum gearmotor 1,5 kW, main frame, 2 belt pulleys, 6 belts, stronger rotor shaft, a new bearing housing with barrel bearings, 3 safety barriers,
electric box with inverter and 5 m cables, automatic drum speed control.

Table for bales SP-1 made by Dozagro.
Gear with electric motor 1,5kW
. Lenght 4m. Width 1,3m. Safety barriers.

Our machines work in many european countries.
All machines have a european declaration of conformity.

We cooperate with WEKTOR company.
The biggest producer briquetting press in Poland


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